Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pastor Preaching Abstinence While Condoms Fall Out of His Bible; “Followers” Beat Him Into Coma

Hypocrites are roaming the world today...
Please before you listen to any message, just pray a simple pray like this "Father, anything that is not of You, that I'm about to listen to, please don't allow it into my spirit man in Jesus Name. Amen"

A pastor in Nigeria is in a coma after being beaten as condoms fell from his bible during a bus trip in the country of Nigeria. The Daily Post reported that the pastor was a bus preacher. The man, whose name has not been released, was at a Toyota bus stop on Saturday morning in front of the Ladipo Spare Parts Markets in the Mushin Region of Lagos, Nigeria.
The pastor was doing a very good job, laying hands on people on the bus, and getting them on their knees for their anointing.
“If you wear trouser you’ll go to hell! The devil invented make-up! Weave-on is from marine kingdom! If you have pre-marital sex you will burn in hell and your skin will peel!” he said.

John Mbakogu, a witness to the incident, said “People were just falling as he was laying hands. One man almost fell out of the bus under the influence of the Spirit. It was amazing until he raised his hands to cast the demons out of one girl, and two Durex condoms fell out.”
After the condoms fell out of the man’s bible, that’s when the insanity began.
“The angry men in the bus who had been having pangs of guilt due to the pastor’s preaching about sex suddenly got really angry and pounced on him, who all of a sudden started shouting, I also preach safe sex! Safe sex is good!” he tried to say.
A report said that the pastor was “was dragged out of the commercial bus and beaten into a pulp before he was rescued by some policemen.

Photo Of The Day: Meet The Boy Who Changed The Colour Of His Skin

This is serious!!!

ETIQUETTE (Dine like a diplomat)

I'm back again on the Etiquette Course, if this is your first time of seeing this on my blog, it means that you've missed some past lectures, browse through the blog archive and read past lectures. Enjoy!

1. Remember, the basic rule of formal dining is: drink to your right and eat to your left. Your drink is always on the right because the first two letters in the word "DRink" stand for "Drink Right." Easy to remember, right? Just know that your bread plate is on your left
2. When you want to signal the waiter that you are ready to order simply close your menu and place it on the table in front of you.

Monday, May 27, 2013

How to Uninstall Software Application

I've  treated how to Install Software Application in the past, in case you've not read it, click on "OLDER POST" or browse through the Blog Archive which is on the right hand side of the posts or just click on the word in 'bold' above.

In common with installation, uninstalling software should always be done in the correct manner to minimize the risk of corrupting the operating system. The following lesson describes two methods of correctly uninstalling software.
1. using the software’s own uninstaller
2. using the operating systems uninstaller.
Please, don't just delete the installed app. without uninstalling first.

To use Number 1, locate the application on your local disk, there you can then click on uninstall.
To use Number 2, go to control panel, click on uninstall programs, find the application you are looking for and continue with your UN-installation.In some cases, you don't see the app. in the control panel--- under uninstall program. Use Number 1.

Or follow this procedure:

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gays react to gospel artiste, Kirk Franklin’s stand against homosexuality

The END TIME is HERE...not NEAR!!!
Gospel singer Kirk Frankin is now in the cross-hairs of the gay community for speaking out against homosexuality. LGBT activists are putting pressure on the DC government for paying the singer $80,000 to perform this year for the city’s Emancipation Day celebration.
Franklin is under attack for calling on the gay community to “abandon the homosexual lifestyle.” He joins much of the relatively conservative African American church, which is under consistent criticism from liberal groups for not embracing homosexuality as quickly as the Democratic Party would like them to. This has created a divide between rank and file pastors and the heads of civil rights organizations, such as Al Sharpton and Ben Jealous.
Jealous and Sharpton are direct beneficiaries of funds given to them by the Democratic Party, which has led them to speak out in favor of the gay rights movement. But thousands of members of the NAACP and National Action Network are holding steadfast to their more traditional, biblical views of homosexuality as a sin.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's WEDDING Dresses SPREE (Photos)

I was surfing the net of recent and I stumbled on this site. I couldn't take my eyes off it, not that I'm getting married now (but very soon, as the Lord wills)...
All the Single ladies in town, please take a look at these dresses, its amazing!!!
Soon-to-be married Guys, you are not left out at all, shop for your ladies.


View more Photos here

Man Impersonates Psy(Gangnam Style)...Gains access into celebrity parties at Cannes (PHOTOS)

I don't understand why people love to be duplicates of others when you are unique in your own way.

A man who pretended to be the hitmaker Psy(Gangnam style) has been nabbed after two days of partying with celebrities at the Cannes fim festival.He had access to all the privelages meant for the real Psy..free drinks,security and all.
He was dresed up like the original Psy, walked like him and even waved like him..
Several celebrites even took pictures with him and posted on twitter because they felt they were with the real Psy.

Fake Psy vs Real Psy (Photo)

He was discovered when the real Psy was filmed in NewYork, at the BillBoard Awards and on the US talk show, Live with Micheal and Kelly.

The real Psy then tweeted "Seems like there is another ME at Cannes..say hi to him "

Lol smart dude.....

With supermodel naomi Harris

'Only money can make me take off my dreadlocks’- Uti Nwachukwu

Former BBA winner, Uti Nwachukwu says only millions of Naira can make him cut off his trade mark dreadlocks.
I guess the DELILAH of this generation would swing into action...(laughs)

In a recent interview, the actor, musician, model and TV presenter says: ‘I'm not just gonna take off my dreads for the regular pay check. The only reason I’ll take off my dreadlocks is if I’m paid, and I’m talking about millions because it took me three years and a lot of discipline, dedication, money to make my hair look this different and unique’.
It’s the season of hair cutting, hopefully someone will write Mr Uti a cheque soon…

I think he should have the opportunity to meet Delilah... 

What's your reaction to this?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Jim Iyke & Nadia FINALLY confirm they are dating...

"I call him skittles, he calls me space”Jim Iyke/Nadia


Most times when I see certain couples, I say to my friend "I go love" but she will respond and say I pray you don't "Mis-Love"

Chai!!! What about: 'I call him boat, and he calls me ocean'... sorry, just thinking out loud..

Installing Software

I've noticed something among youths of today most especially the ladies, we are not quite acquainted with technology though we use black-berry, BLUE BERRY, laptops, desktops, and all that
There is something that annoys me so badly...imagine a lady asking you if her computer has Bluetooth, something she has been using for months...I can imagine your facial expression right now.
So, today, we'll learn the act of installing software (application) using Microsoft AntiSpyware as an illustration.
Enjoy... Don't forget to leave your comment(s) and reaction(s) to this.

The following section will deal with the installation of Microsoft Anti-spyware. Now renamed Windows Defender still available as a free download from www.Microsoft.com. On par with viruses, spyware now infects more computers than ever before. As such spyware scans and updates should be included in a regular maintenance routine.

After downloading the software the installation will be

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This is not a joke: Swaziland aviation authorities warn witches against flying too high

This is SERIOUS...Swaziland has launched a crackdown on high-flying witches after banning them from hovering above 150metres.
It has been a long time since witches were burnt at the stake in Europe but the accusation remains a serious one in the landlocked African country.
Anyone caught flying their broomstick above the height limit faces arrest and a hefty R500,000 fine, the country’s civil aviation authorities said this week.
‘A witch on a broomstick should not fly above the [150-metre] limit,’ corporate affairs director Sabelo Dlamini told The Star.
The new aviation law was highlighted after a private investigator was caught flying a helicopter equipped with a video camera to gather surveillance information.
Witchcraft is taken seriously in Swaziland where many people believe in the power of black magic.
Last year a leading Swazi MP called for a hike in tax paid by witch doctors to help ease the cash-strapped country’s financial woes.
but not for transport.

Leave your comments/reactions to this... I can't stop laughing...

America, beybey! Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo Rodriguez and husband celebrate anniversary (LOOK)

...all the best in your marriage...

 Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo and her husband, Kenny Rodriguez celebrated their one year wedding anniversary with a road trip.
According to reports, they drove to Atlantic City in New Jersey, USA for the romantic getaway.
The couple got married last year in Puerto Rico.

Virgin boss, Richard Branson dresses as a drag queen after losing a bet (Warning: Graphic images)

The world is coming to an end...it's closer than we expect. WATCH OUT!!!

Branson with AirAsia  chief executive Tony Fernandez  

Branson with AirAsia chief executive Tony Fernandez

Ex Bayelsa’s governor Diepreye Alameighseya might have done it first when he tried to escape the law in 2010 but one of the most powerful men in the world, Sir Richard Branson has dressed as a woman after losing a Grand Prix bet with AirAsia chief executive Tony Fernandez two years ago- and he looked fetching.

On Saturday, the Virgin boss finally made good on the bet and had to wear a skirt and a full face of make-up on a flight to Malaysia where he reportedly served drinks and pledged to clean the toilets on the special flight. “Have you not seen a stewardess with a beard before?,” he asked before boarding.

“We both had Grand Prix teams and I was absolutely certain that I was going to win. Something went wrong. Of course the drivers of that race are no longer with us. I went to extreme lengths to avoid being here, but knew that one day I had to get it over with,” he added.

Branson admitted that he had done some outrageous things in his life “but this will be up there with the best of them”.
More Photos HERE:

Monday, May 13, 2013

Boy genius: Meet the autistic 14-year-old with an IQ higher than Einstein’s

How I wish... just thinking out loud...


As a child, doctors told Jacob Barnett’s parents that their autistic son would probably never know how to tie his shoes.

But experts say the 14-year-old Indiana prodigy has an IQ higher than Einstein’s and is on the road to winning a Nobel Prize. He’s given TedX talks and is working toward a master’s degree in quantum physics.

The key, according to mom Kristine Barnett, was letting Jacob be himself — by helping him study the world with wide-eyed wonder instead of focusing on a list of things he couldn’t do.

Diagnosed with moderate to severe autism at the age of 2, Jacob spent years in the clutches of a special education system that didn’t understand what he needed. His teachers at school would try to dissuade Kristine from hoping to teach Jacob any more than the most basic skills.

Kristine Barnett, author of “The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius,” said that she initially found it hard to get Jacob the right education.

Jacob was struggling with that sort of instruction — withdrawing deeper into himself and refusing to speak with anyone.

But Kristine noticed that when he was not in therapy, Jacob was doing “spectacular things” on his own.

“He would create maps all over our floor using Q-tips. They would be maps of places we’ve visited and he would memorize every street,” Kristine told the BBC.

One day, his mom took him stargazing. A few months later, they visited a planetarium where a professor was giving a lecture. Whenever the teacher asked questions, Jacob’s little hand shot up and he began to answer questions — easily understanding complicated theories about physics and the movement of planets.

Jacob was silent for much of his childhood. But when he started to speak, he was able to communicate in four different languages.

Jacob was just 3-1/2 years old.

His mom realized that Jacob might need something that the standard special education curriculum just wasn’t giving him.

So Kristine decided to take on the job herself.

“For a parent, it’s terrifying to fly against the advice of the professionals,” Kristine writes in her memoir, “The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius.” “But I knew in my heart that if Jake stayed in special ed, he would slip away.”

Jacob Barnett with his mother. Developmental specialists told Kristine that her child would never learn to read or tie his shoes.

The Hamilton County mom, a nursery school teacher, decided to take Jacob out of school and prepare him for mainstream kindergarten herself.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Is this the best way to break up with someone? (PHOTO)


Did this person just deliver the best breakup ever?

Take a look at the photo below, courtesy of Imgur user Kansas12, and be honest with yourself:
Wouldn't getting dumped be a whole lot easier if the news was accompanied by something as delicious as this?

Yes, “dig in” to that pizza… and to your new life spent forever alone.

Tell us what you think of this breakup delivery in the comments...

Just “10 candidates scored 300 marks and above”: JAMB releases 2013 UTME results

It came as a shock when I saw that only 10 students out of over one million student scored 300 marks and above... God help Nigeria!!!
We need things and ourselves to motivate each other.
I pray that the Prayer Points embedded in the National Anthem will work for us in Jesus Name...Amen

by Akan Ido

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) released the 2013 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results today which showed a general improvement on the performance of candidates compared to last year.

While announcing the outcome of the examination in Abuja today, JAMB Registrar, Dibu Ojerinde said the board discovered some forms of malpractice perpetuated during the conduct of the examination.

A total of 1,629,102 candidates applied to sit for the Paper Pencil Test (PPT), while 15,008 candidates applied for the Dual Based Test, bringing the number of candidates to 1,644,110.

“Ten candidates scored 300 marks and above, while 127,017 candidates scored between 1-159 marks.

About 40,692 candidates’ results were invalid due to either multiple shading or no shading at all.

He warned candidates not to patronize anyone who offers them an opportunity to upgrade their scores saying it is deceit.

“Information reaching JAMB shows Internet fraudsters are already telling candidates that their results could be upgraded in one form or the other.

“This is pure deceit, the public and candidates are hereby advised to disregard these fraudsters since they do not have access to our data.

“Let me once again state that candidates are allowed to change their choices of institutions and courses once only, this change has to be effected within two weeks from today.”

Ojerinde said the Computer Based Test (CBT) is scheduled to take place from May 18 to June 1 and appealed to candidates to reprint their e-registration slips afresh to further ascertain their CBT centres.

Students can access their results on the JAMB website: www.myjambresult.com using their registration numbers.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Psquare’s Paul Okoye abandons second baby mama in London hospital

It amazes me how Artists decide to populate through different women without thinking of the consequence(s) or even consider the ladies involved...They act at times without thinking...
This is not fair!

Nigeria’s hip hop sensation, Paul Okoye of Psquare, has reportedly abandoned the mother of his second baby in a London hospital where the woman recently gave birth.

A few weeks after welcoming his first new born baby in Atlanta, Paul Okoye had another baby delivered for him in a London hospital by a former beauty pageant contestant – however, this time, P Square has refused to claim paternal responsibility for the baby boy.

According to SaharaReporters, the new baby’s mother is Elshama Benson Igbanoi, a 19-year-old and former Miss Plateau State.

She gave birth at the Queen Charlotte and Chelsea Hospital on Du Cane Road, London W12 0HS.

Elshama,Paul Okoye of Psquare second baby mama

The new mother had been in touch with Paul, but he had not been forthcoming beyond telling her that he plans to arrive in London for a DNA test to ascertain paternity.

The woman’s father, Benson Igbanoi stated that his daughter was faithful to the musician.

He also revealed that he had sent several emails to P Square concerning his daughter’s pregnancy for him, but had received no response.

Another source said Elshama’s family had contacted Paul Okoye’s father and aunt to persuade the musician to accept responsibility for his baby.

Ms. Elshama insists that she never slept with any man except for Paul, adding that she lost her virginity to him when she was 17 years old.

It was also learnt that the London hospital where she gave birth has not received any payments.

“The hospital has been harassing both Elshama and her mother to pay hospital bills of over £5,000 that have been incurred,” said one source. The baby boy has been named Michelle Paul Okoye.

In a twist to the story, a source close to the former beauty queen said Ms. Elshama was a close friend to Anita, the other woman who gave birth to another baby for Paul a few weeks ago in Atlanta, Georgia.